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George the Pimp sloth is well er not doing to well, I need to be able to draw man. I know what I want him to look like but i am struggling telling my hands to move the pen so it looks like what I have in my mind. i will try again in a bit or when I get a bit of free time.

O and if you where wondering, yes george is mr bush cos I think he looks like a sloth. quick some one give him some crayons to keep him quiet begfor ehe invades another country
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Tonight i am so pimpin things up....
I'm going to MUSHROOMHEAD with 4 guys and 1 girl...uh huh...
i deserve some pimp points...

Oh Phil where's the pimp sloth yo?
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    The Used - On My Own

this song is the shit...

Artist: OG Ron C/Lil Flip/Lil Mario
Album: Southern's Finest
Title: Ballin' is a habit

Yeah, don't act like you don't hear me
Talking to you then man, when I'm trying to tell
You bout some shit (man fa sho, fa sho)
That go down where I'm from (where we from)
You know I'm saying (it's Dirty South)
Cause down here in the South man
(bitch we pulling out Ferrari trucks)
We do this on a daily basis baby
(we ain't playing Playstation 2, Dreamcast)
Forget the cars, we pulling out trucks man
You know I'm saying (bitch it's Atari, Pacman hoe)
Forget the Sega, Playstation we pulling out the
Toys nigga, cause we can ball like that

[Hook - 2x]
Balling is a habit, if I want it I grab it
A new whip I slab it, I just can't stand factory
I got split personalities, dumb play shit don't matter to me
The baddest bitches are after me, but place take over is my strategy

[50/50 Twin]
Ranger Rover, 4.6
Never sober, do-do stick
When the wedding is over, hide your chick
My hoes overflow, like sto's that got wick
Twisting fast, 22 inch glass
Screen in the dash, when you see me pass
Only get one chance, I never look back
Everybody in the car, be like who what's that
Louis Vatone, excuse me son
What time, will my car be done
Don't bother me none, need to squab a gun
One phone call, and the mob will come
Body guard is the Rock, get shot with the people's glock
I'ma ball like Hardaway, catch a flat get a car away

[Hook - 2x]
You know, that balling is a habit
And I know, that balling is a habit
And you know, that balling is a habit
And I know, that balling is a habit

[Lil' Mario]
Play stuck up is my strategy, the baddest bitches are after me
Got purple drank and dackory, guards see the boys in back of me
I ball terrific when I ride, candy blue sitting on buck hide
With a fo' piece screen falling out the sky, everytime you see Lil' Yo I'm
Weed and drank drank and weed, and a bad yellow bitch on top of me
Forever representer of the G.C.P., keep balling G's surrounding me
Balling hard state to state, Lil' Mario on a paper chase
Little nigga that can hold his weight, hit the boulevard and scrape the plates

[Lil' Flip]
I got a watch with thirty karats, it cost so much I barely wear it
I got a date with Hale Berry (nigga you lying, ain't she married)
Yeah but I'm still a pimp, I walk with a limp while I'm eating shrimp
I got my name on a candy blimp, I got a drop top six on chrome rims
I got cash like Baby and Slim, but I'm a juvenile with a lot of gems
And I'm still a baby gangsta, with a AK and a nine double M
I'm Lil' Flip and I'm living lavish, I got a lot of homeboys that live in Dallas
I got partnas in Kansas City, I got partnas that gangbang down in Cali
I got hoes that be tossing salad, I got hoes that steal out shopping malls
I got a hoe to give me head, my niggaz call her Lock Jaw
You know what, I sold a hundred thousand independent
That mean before I got a deal, I been had a million

You know, that balling is a habit
And I know, that balling is a habit
And you know, that balling is a habit
And I know, that balling is a habit
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    OG Ron C/Lil Flip/Lil Mario - Ballin is a habit

Ballin' is a habit, if I want it, I grab it.

I pimped out the alcohol last night... A gallon of Skyy Blue Vodka, some shit called Relax, Bacardi Raz, Skyy Blue, and Diva (cognac and grapefruit juice)... yeah, saw some bitch while riding down the road wearing no shirt or bra, I think... hah!

Gotta love rival football games and alcohol...
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Best Pimp Song Eva

Slob on my knob
Like corn on the cob
Check in with me, and do your job
Lay on the bed, and give me head
Don't have to ask, don't have to beg
Juicy is my name
Sex is my game
Let's call the boys, let's run a train
Squeeze on my nuts
Lick on my butt
The natural curly hair, please don't touch
First find a mate
Second find a place
Third find a bag, to hide the ho face
Real name rover
I said bend over
I started to knock, then came the odor
Smelled like mush
Shouldn't had a woosh
Told her to stop, and take a dush
While she did that
I didn't want the cat
So I found out and never came back

Suck a nigga dick or something [4x]

My nigga D-Magic
Said they had to have it
I said just forget it, it's too craby
Know a little freak, in Hollywood
Sucks on dick, does it real good
She'll give you money, feel up your tummy
House full of kids, parents all schummy
Once had a down, backyard ground
Hit it from the back
Enjoy the sound
Lay on the cover
Always use the rubber
Till I got caught, fucking with her mother
She blamed it on me
We fought in the street
She pulled out a knife, so I had to flee
Called up the boys
Went to her house
Charged the whole place
Threw the bitch out
Police busted in
Where the niggas at
We left just in time, and never came back
Roll through the hood, waving at the freaks
Who's sniffing all the rocks, and smoking all the geeks
Made another stop
Police station
Saw a few cops
Drove by and sprayed them
Licensee tag number
A nigga said he saw
Bogus all the time
Never get caught
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just here thinking about trying to draw a sloth pimp, and seem to be coming up with more of an idea for a pimp comic strip for him. it sucks cos well i can't draw very well. but i am going to see what i can do when I get a bit of free time.

*binus pimp points for going out Dressed as a pimp. pics will be needed though.